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St. Martin's Hermitage

A Guest House/Retreat Centre

St. Martin's Hermitage welcomes people who are seeking a place of quiet reflection, meditation and relaxation. Often in our lives we need time to be with God to lift up our minds and hearts. Everybody needs a place and time to acknowledge and ponder the greatness and wonder of God. Our hearts need a place to rest and reflect on God so it is willing to follow the promptings and inspirations of the Holy Ghost.

We are offering a guest house for people to find their quiet refuge in order for them to pray, reflect, meditate, go to confession often, attend mass, and study on the life of Christ, the saints and the church. People can also have a personal/guided retreat for spiritual direction.

When people have this time to ponder the great love of God and neighbor, they can reflect on which way God is calling them. Whether it be monastic life, religious life, priestly life or married life. St Martin's hermitage enables people to test their vocation and see where God is leading them.

St. Martin's Hermitage is located near Riverdale park, Meadowbrook which allows people to go on long, refreshing walks. We are also close to public transport and are easily accessible by car.

St Benedict's chapel is attached to St. Martins Hermitage so people can attend daily mass, pray, reflect, meditate, and go to confession. For further information, please contact Fr. Steven Hartley. God Bless you, we hope to hear from you soon. 

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